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About Sooner Scribes Calligraphy Guild of Oklahoma City

Sooner Scribes is a lettering arts guild founded in 1980. The purpose of this organization is to promote the study and critical practice of calligraphy as an art form. We seek to encourage individual excellence and to help foster a wider appreciation and deeper understanding of calligraphy. Sooner Scribes is commited to teaching the history and application of calligraphy by interchanging ideas through workshops, a newsletter and meetings.

Sooner Scribes Calligraphy Guild is a member of the Southwest Calligraphy Conference, a consortium of calligraphy guilds from three states: Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Sooner Scribes is one of several calligraphy guilds all across the United States. We provide opportunities to study with professional instructors from not only the United States, but from other countries as well. Check out our Workshops page for upcoming workshop offerings.


Below is a sample piece from one of Sooner Scribes major workshops with Barbara Close. The hand shown is a sample of Brush Lettering using felt tip brush markers.


example of brush hand